10-year-old boy used by mother to steal (CCTV photo)

A South African woman has been caught through a CCTV footage as she uses her 10-years-son to steal from people, but for the police, it is not enough evidence in putting her away.

A thief in Cape Town is said to make use of her 10-year-son in rubbing people of their belongings. The woman acts as a distraction to her victims, while her son perpetrates the act without anyone noticing. However, the police claims that the CCTV footage was not enough evidence in getting the culprit behind bars.

 The footage was submitted by a lady who claimed that the duo stole her son’s Adidas bag, including an old woman’s handbag. She said, “they had just come back from a hike in Newlands forest and were socializing and eating a gatshy with the bag next to him.” Also adding, “she can be seen standing next to my son’s bag when she suddenly dropped a piece of paper and moved the bag away from his side. When she got her food ordered, she stood between my son and the bag and ordered her son to take bag and walk away.


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