A street boy’s honesty (Photos) 

A street boy in Kenya has made it to the spotlight after handing back a sum of ksh 200,000 (615,000) to its owner who accidentally dropped it off. 

A Kenyan man while crossing the road leading from Kimathi street to Kenyatta Avenue, accidentally dropped about ksh 200,000. The money was meant to deposited at the bank after work from the day’s sales.  As he was about crossing the road from kimathi street, his upper zipper caved in and the envelope containing the money got ejected from the bag, while the owner being unaware.  Few seconds later, he was approached by a shabbily looking boy, but he ignored the boy and proceeded towards the bank. While still going the boy caught up with him at the bank entrance. The man had to look back and pay attention and in response, the boy said, “Uliangusha pesa hiko nguma” (you dropped money while crossing the road).  The boy gave reasons for returning the money, that the money could be in need of saving someone or paying ones school fees. The owner very much amazed at the boy’s honesty. After paying the money, when he came out the boy was nowhere to be found.  What an heroic act exhibited by the boy. He behavior is certainly worth of emulation. What do you think, place your comments below. 


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