Identity of Apostle Suleman’s deceptive second lover revealed (photos)

Various allegations have been leveled against Apostle Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministries by two women claiming to be his lovers. He has been recently accused of extra-marital affairs and threat to lives by these women for one reason or other. 

Investigations been carried out has shown the real identity of the alleged second lover. She is known to go by the name Yahweh Yesha Ace (a.k.a Queen Esther). 

The lady “Queen Esther” had claimed to be hospitalized for a long time, but investigations has shown that her social media accounts have been very much active for a sick individual. While asserting this, claims that her social media accounts, especially her E-mail account were being used by her uncle and cousin, who were the ones taking care of her. 

According to her, “the email sent to you, it wasn’t really me that wrote it, it’s my cousin. It wasn’t me that wrote to the Kaduna State government . I’m telling you honestly, this issue has been dragging since 2014,between me, my family and Apostle Suleman and his family. The reason why i think they were so frustrated to go to the extent of writing these is because all their pleas to Apostle Suleman to releaseme from his bondage has fallen on deaf ears.  Queen Esther also lay claims to have been threatened by Apostle Suleman through text messages, confirming this on her statement, “it is evident that all I’m suffering now started from the time he started sending me  messages.  His threat messages are in my phone. He threatened that I will die, I don’t know who he is talking about that will die, but he actually sent all those threat messages to my phone.  When text messages were being requested for by Premium Times, she replied that the text messages are all on her old phone and been taken to the repairer. However in contradiction, she later said that the text messages have disappeared. 


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