Gbese!!! DNA tests reveals married couples are twins 

Investigations through a DNA have shown two USbased couples who are biological twins.  

The couples who were said to have issues of fertility, decided to visit a fertility clinic, but in the process of Vitro fertilization, it was being discovered that they were biological twins, they had similarities in their DNA. 

Investigations carried have shown that they were separated after the death of their parents in a car accident. Also, the foster parents who adopted them respectively had no idea that their adopted children had a twin. 

The troubled couple are in a very devastating state now with no clue of what to do, because the marriage of siblings is acceptable in Mississippi. 

According to the doctor, they met in college and had this feeling to reconnect with one another. Only if they had known earlier, they wouldn’t have been involved in such a mess. Also to him, this is the first time he is glad he hasn’t succeeded in his profession. 

The penalty for such act in Mississippi is 10 years imprisonment and a fine of $500

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